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Soidarity screeining and talk for thessaloniki 7 in Colchester

dimitris | 06.11.2003 12:39 | Thessaloniki EU | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles | London

On Tuesday November 11 there will be an open screening of a video and talk about the events in thessaloniki, the state violence and the hunger strike of the five comrades.
I also attach the text ad the flyer that are being distributed in Colchester and invite people to Saturday's solidarity action in London.

the flyer:
After the demonstrations of
Seattle in 1999
Every year thousands of
Demonstrators meet in order
To protest against the
Symbols and organizations
Of legalized exploitation of
People and nature.
Since then thousands of
Demonstrators have been
Arrested, tortured.
In year 2001 a demonstrator
Was shot down by a cop
In the middle of a demo in
In june 2003, thousands of
Activists met in thessaloniki,
Greece, in order to protest
Against the summit of the
Leaders of the european
During the four days of
Action, many demonstrators
Were hit by the police,
23 were arrested
7 are still in prison
5 have been in hungerstrike
For more than a month,
Demanding the end of their

Free thessaloniki 7


The text:
Free Thessaloniki 7
More than four months after the EU summit in Thessalonii, Greece, on 21 June and the violent clashes between police and demonstrators, seven people arrested on that day remain locked up in the prisons of the greek state. Following, among others, Seattle, Prague, Goetenborg, Genoa, Thessaloniki has become another link in the chain of sites of protest in which demonstrations have been kept back by police by chemicals, beatings, plastic and real bullets, and in Genoa, murder. In Thessaloniki, greek police has staged an outrageously flawed accusation against the seven who remain in prison. In the case of Simon Chapman, from Basildon, Essex, there is video evidence taken by a state channel camera operator, showing riot policemen replacing Simon’s rucksack with three others full of molotov coctail bombs, an axe and a hammer, while Simon lies on the pavement covered in blood half conscious. He was forced to take the bags, and together with the “testimonies” of policemen, this “evidence” could lead to his imprisonment for up to 25 years. Similar treatment awaited the other six prisoners, from the moment they were arrested.
The public prosecutor, following the orders of the greek state authorities, no doubt, refused even to consider the video and photographic evidence and to release the prisoners on bail. Following this illegal, autocratic and infuriating decision, the prisoners were left with no other choice but to abstain from food until they are released. Their passion for freedom and their detrmination to intensify their struggle from inside the prison, under conditions of repeated torturing, humiiation, isolation and deprivationof basic human rights, leaves us no other choice but to demonstrate our solidarity to them.
The two Spanish, one Syrian (political refugee in Greece), one English and one Greek, prisooners went on hunger strike more than a month ago. David Blaine locked himself up and abstained from food to get more money and fame. Thehunger strikers in Thesaloniki abstain from food to get their freedom back.
The treatment of these prisoners is really exceptional. In August 2004, the Olympic games, to be held in Athens, will aim at proving that Greece is a modernized and strong state, capable of staging such international events, while pretending to imitate the ideals of freedom and peace. Behind this façade lies the detention of political prisoners for their choice to exercise their right to protest. The reaction of the greek authorities to criminalize any dissident voice in order to discourage anyone else from protesting, has already won them the gold medal of oppression and terrorrism, even before the games begin.
Free Thessaloniki 7
In Solidarity with the Thessaloniki 7 prisoners- a Picket of the Greek Turist Board/Olympic Airlines this Saturday 8th November at Conduit Street, London W1
(Between Regent Street and New Bond Street) from 11 am


Free Thessaloniki 7

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