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Newcastle agaisnt the WTO

P.U.K | 11.11.2001 21:24

wto protest

Through out the day workshops were being run by the socialist alliance. Topics included the enviroment, fighting racism and direct action. At 4.30 on the saturday a group of about 50 gathered to go on a whistle stop tour of the city. Armed with flags,banners,whistles and drums we targeted Nike,Mcdonalds,Starbucks and Esso. The atmosphere was very postive and we handed out hundreds of various leaflets explaining what the protest was about. The response from the public was very warm with quite a lot wanting to know more. The police attitude was alright (if not exactly low key). All in all a good day. i heard a squat had also been opened up espically for the weekend and bands and dj's were to play later that night with a workshop the following day, alas due to other comminents i could not attend. The only disappointment was that there was not more in attendance-but that does not deflect from the very postive action of those that did.Well done everyone.



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