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Plymouth ploughshares action

ananova article | 11.10.2003 10:37 | Anti-militarism


Peace protesters arrested at dockyard

Two peace activists have been arrested during a demonstration outside a dockyard where a Trident nuclear submarine is undergoing a refit.

The pair, who were detained for obstruction, were among three people who staged a sit-down protest in the road outside the Devonport Dockyard main gate in Plymouth.

Around 50 members of the Trident Ploughshares campaign group took part in the demonstration as workers arrived at the yard this morning.

Around 20 officers from Devon and Cornwall Police were at the scene keeping traffic flowing into the dockyard.

The demonstration was the culmination of a five-day Trident Ploughshares international disarmament camp in the city.

On Friday six peace activists were arrested as they headed for the dockyard, but were later released on police bail. The men and women are to report back to the police at a later date pending further inquiries.

Four other arrested activists were released without further action. The 10 activists - eight women and two men aged between 27 and 71 - were detained as they drove towards the dockyard.

The Trident nuclear submarine HMS Vanguard is currently undergoing a refit there. When their van was stopped by police, equipment capable of being used in a "lock on" protest was found, said the police. They were arrested for conspiracy to cause a public nuisance.

During a similar camp last November, two Trident Ploughshares activists boarded HMS Vanguard and the base was subjected to a mass blockade.

Story filed: 09:37 Monday 6th October 2003


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