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una carnivalista | 05.07.2005 11:25 | G8 2005 | Globalisation | Repression | Terror War | World

Five people were detained under the Terrorist Act at Stanstead airport this morning, Tuesday 5th July, and interrogated about whether they had been involved in yesterday’s Carnival for Full Enjoyment.

The five had disembarked at the airport near London, from a flight from Edinburgh, when they were taken away by police. They were questioned about whether they had been involved in yesterday’s demonstration and asked if they were terrorists.

Four were Spanish citizens, one of them a British resident, and one person Italian. The British resident, detained at 8.55am this morning, has been released, but the fate of the four others is currently unknown.

Police searched the detained people, along with all their baggage, which was specially taken off the plane. “They said I wouldn’t be released unless I signed a form consenting to the Home Office checking if I had a criminal record” one of those detained told Indymedia Scotland.

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