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Edinburgh Court Update: 128 Cases - Public Banned from Court : Restrictive Bail

court report | 05.07.2005 11:20 | G8 2005 | Globalisation | Repression

Update from Chambers Street Court

128 people are due to appear in court following yesterday's protests in Edinburgh

The court has been adjourned now as they are running out of cells.

Most people are being bailed with conditions that state they must not enter the City of Edinburgh District, Stirling Council area, Perth and Kinross area - and that they must sign on every day at midday at their local police station in their home town until the 11th July.

In other words, you cannot protest any more, go home.

In an unprecedented move, the courts were today closed to the public - something which court reporters present said they could not remember ever happening before.

Local residents are expected to be bailed with banning orders from a central 'pink zone' in Edinburgh.

Trials are expected to take place in October.

court report


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