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Time to kick the cops out of our demos!

Cops Out! | 26.02.2007 20:58 | Repression | Social Struggles | London

The leaflet below was distributed at Saturday's anti-war demonstration in central London and was well received by most participants of the autonomous block. Please print the attached .pdf and distribute at all relevant events. Let's build a culture of resistance....

Our place is on the streets – theirs is not.

Unlike most other countries in the world, police in Britain have picked up a habit of entering demonstrators’ blocks with their snatch squads, grabbing, insulting and arresting people as they please, often unchallenged. This has to stop! It puts our friends and comrades in danger and deeply damages our movement: People will often abstain from demos from fear of being arrested. We want them back!

In the spirit of true solidarity, each block should be able and willing to protect all those participating in it. We ask that, next time any cops try to arrest you or someone close to you, shout out to alert the rest of us: all of us together can easily de-arrest one person! Even better, let’s form chains all around the demo before it starts, to prevent cops from entering in the first place.

Protect our block, protect your friends and comrades, protect yourself:
Stop the cops from entering our demos!

Cops Out!


more thought & practice is great

27.02.2007 12:00

Great to see more strength and being strident (not trident!).

If we want to de-arrest people, we need to practice first at home, otherwise it just ends up with more people arrested than in the first place, and for much much more serious charges, as I've seen happen.

Some tips on snatch squads, de-arresting and general how to survive public order situations, available at:

or for a printable download,

- tips here

banners and ropes

27.02.2007 17:30

in europe i seem to recall that militant blocks surround themselves with long banners along all sides (esp the length of the block) or in some cases use long ropes along both long sides to try to deter police attacks..

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