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The Truth About Fallujah

lenin | 19.04.2004 17:41 | Anti-militarism

Fallujah was, despite the best pretensions and posturing of the coalition, a massacre of the rankest order. Read on, and don't you dare skip a comma...

Something of an unwelcome fugitive from the grave, the 72 year old Donald Rumsfeld is increasingly inviting accusations of senility, if not downright idiocy. Reacting to reports from Al Jazeera that the US had massacred hundreds of innocent civilians in Fallujah by indiscriminate shooting, the US Secretary of Defense (sic) launched some pretty indiscriminate shooting off at the mouth. The reports were "vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable" , he said before adding, "It's just outrageous nonsense." Well, HE is the expert...


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