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Full list of anti- DSEi arms fair events - september 5-12th

researcher | 25.08.2003 17:09 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

There is now a large list of events and protests scheduled around the DSEi arms fair in London in September. Events below are listed on the Disarm DSEi website complete with maps (, the CAAT website (, the Destroy DSEi website ( and the Fluffy DSEi website ( (NB - List compiled 25th August)

note: the Convergence Centre will be open 7th-11th september - see:

note: there are also other events before the week starts, but they are not listed here.


Friday 5th September:

Press Conference about DSEi and the protests against it, Friends House (Opposite Euston Station). Hosted by CAAT. All media welcome. Please notify ( if you are bringing TV cameras so venue can prepare.

NVDA Training is running from 5th-10th:
Trinity Methodist Centre, 119 East India Dock Road, Poplar, E14


Saturday 6th September:

"No Arms Fair" procession. Mass march through central London. Meeting on Victoria embankment outside Temple station, then marching past Trafalgar Square, the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street and the Ministry of Defence, ending just outside the imperial war museum in the Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park.

Grand Opening Of Convergence Centre! The DSEi convergence centre will opened by Mark Thomas, there will also be music from Cello Man and a chance to socialise before the week kicks off in full. Convergence Centre - Kingsley Hall, Powis Road London E3


Sunday 7th September:

DSEi Counter-conferences:

Disarm DSEi Conference at the Convergence Centre - Kingsley Hall, Powis Road London E3
Loads of talks, discussions and workshops, including the Indymedia Volunteer Meeting (1030 - 1200).

Workshop 1: Legal Workshop by L.D.M.G.
Workshop 2: Indymedia U.K.
Workshop 3: W.O.M.B.L.E.S.

Workshop 1: "War! What is it Good For" by Revolution
Workshop 2: "NVDA Training" by the NVDA Training Collective
Workshop 3: "After the Libertarian Bloc" by Anarchist Youth Network

Workshop 1: "Creating centres of resistance" by Radical Routes
Workshop 2: "Wot? No Weapons of Mass Destruction" by Stop the War
Workshop 3: Fluffy DSEi workshop

Workshop 1: "Behind Bars: The Prison Industrial Complex"
Workshop 2: "Oil, War and Climate Change" by Rising Tide
Workshop 3: Destroy DSEi Workshop

Workshop 1: Schnews Workshop (tbc)



From 12.00pm:
St Annes Church Hall. Day of training and workshops including Non-violent Direct Action Training, Speakers from Pressure Groups, NGO's and many others, hosted by Campaign Against Arms Trade.


Monday 8th September:

Early morning 'pro-arms' action!

10.30am-5.30pm: Second day of Disarm DSEi conference at convergence centre

Workshop 1: "Latin America" by Socialist Resistance
Workshop 2: Globalise Resistance
Workshop 3: Baku-Ceyhan Pipeline

Workshop 1: "Apocalypse Now: An uncivilised response to war and
the arms trade" by Wildfire
Workshop 2: CAAT
Workshop 3: UK Border Camp 2004

Workshop 1: "The WTO" by the PGA
Workshop 2: "Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defence and the Arms Trade"
by Youth & Student CND
Workshop 3: "The Arms Trade and British Imperialism" by Fight Racism!
Fight Imperialism!

Workshop 1: "Legal Workshop" by LDMG
Workshop 2: ISM workshop
Workshop 3: Global Women's Strike Workshop



Candlelit prayer and vigil with local church and community, at Excel Centre (Custom House DLR)


Tuesday 9th September:

Day of NVDA actions on first day of DSEi arms fair:

Globalise Resistance + others Meeting at the recreational ground opposite Prince Regent DLR Station

demonstration outside DSEi just by Custom House tube station. Meeting at the recreational ground opposite Prince Regent DLR Station. There will then be a procession to Custom House. Early arrivers and flexi-time workers are meeting opposite Custom House DLR station from 08.30am to welcome arms trade exhibitors as they arrive. A CAAT presence will be there from 08.00am.

Fluffy DSEi Mass NVDA action, meeting at small roundabout at Eastern entrance of Excel, off Connaught Bridge Rd.

6:30pm - 10:30pm:
Day three of the film screenings at the convergence centre.


Wednesday 10th September:

"Stop The Industry" - 'Day of Direct Action Blockades' to shut DSEi

Critical Mass bike ride. Meet in front of the Royal Exchange, off Threadneedle St. & Queen Victoria St. EC4. Near Bank Tube, in the heart of London's Financial District. Cycle to EXCEL. More information

Meet the arms traders. Meeting inside Custom House station (DLR & Silverlink). People have been asked to dress as smart as possible.

Blockade the Death Fair. Meeting at Canning Town roundabout, outside Canning Town station (Tube, DLR & Silverlink).

Storm the Death Fair. Meeting at Connaught Bridge underpass, western end of Royal Albert Way. Royal Albert or Prince Regent DLR.

Street Party. Meeting at Rathbone street Market, off Newham Way, at the Canning Town Roundabout end, London E13 Nearest tube (Jubilee Line) Canning Town, also DLR and Silverlink.

Women in Black vigil. Women only, dressing in black, silent vigil. Edith Cavell statue located opposite National Portrait Gallery at the bottom of Charing Cross and St. Martin's, near Trafalgar Square. Men have been encouraged to form solidarity vigil on steps of St. Martin's church which is within sight of Edith Cavell statue. Contacts email or 020 7813 2019.

6:30pm - 10:30pm:
Day two of the film screenings at the convergence centre.


Thursday 11th September:

Peaceful silent vigil opposite Custom House DLR station. Remembering September 11th victims and all victims of wars. Led by local churches. People have been asked to wear black.

Loud and lively demonstration and affinity group actions for the "Delegate's Gala Dinner" at a central London Hotel. No further details as yet.

6:30pm - 10:30pm:
Day three of the film screenings at the convergence centre.


Friday 12th September:

Open Forum?:
to discuss what happened through the week and looking at how to do things in the future. This is for all supporting groups to come together and see how things could be done next time.

Benefit gig:
Mark Thomas will be hosting an evening of music and comedy against DSEi. Contact CAAT for details.



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