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greenwashing climate change

ginja turnips dog | 30.08.2006 09:09 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos

Naive i was to think that governments and big oil had gone really gone beyond petroleum. Climate chaos you aint seen nothing yet!

So fuck the oil companies as they drain the last drops of oil and blood from the Middle East and elsewhere. Where do they go to next?

No remorse from 100 years of raping the earth and its people the capitalist corporate death machine seamlessly moves on to new heights in planetary destruction, peak oil is here but have no need to give up the path to Armageddon by adopting solutions such as small scale sustainable autonomous communities working together for the greater benefit of all by sharing the diverse wealth of the earth and its peoples with the whole earth and its peoples (see climate camp as an excellent example).

If large scale Biofuels is the answer then we asked the wrong question.

Big oil and their greedy big government chums have come up with the big answer to keep the gross wheels of profit turning by smashing the fuck out of the already depleted eco systems and rain forests of Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil and the Amazon to grow soya and other non food crops so that ‘we’ can continue to have stylish new 4x4 to transport our incredibly obese children 500 yards to school and keep ‘our’ heads firmly in the sand distracted by the iridescent products of over consumption.

The problem is that as this land is lost and exploited it releases more green house gas than you could shake a stick at.

For a more eloquent explanation get yourself to climate camp or visit

ginja turnips dog