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New issue of '325' Magazine is out (#5) - Social war & Anarchy.

325 kru | 23.02.2008 11:02 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Out Now - The 5th issue of the anarchist magazine '325', featuring news, reports and articles from the international struggle against capitalism and the state, plus letters from prisoners is off the press.

Texts include 'Report from the Autonomous Spaces Gathering, Dijon, France', 'Interview with Christian S, Anti-Fascist in Prison', 'Anti-G8 2007 : Report', 'Running away from the Prison Society', 'Letter of Christina Tonidou', 'Anti-Colonial Struggle in Kanada', '10 Years in Jail - Or in a Cave' by Thomas Meyer-Falk, 'Towards a Warm 2008', 'International Resistance News' + much more.

Download will be available soon in PDF format from our website, for you to read, copy and reproduce. Check the dozens of other anarchist zines available to download and make your own zine library/distro if you like.

Paper copies of 325 #5 available at £1 each.

All enquires : 325collective[noscums]

Or get it through a local anarcho distro or infoshop.

Rob banks and give thanks.

325 kru