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South Coast Transport To Stop the BNP Rally

Barry White | 10.08.2008 13:52 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism | South Coast

A call-out has been raised to anti-fascists around the country to combat the British National Party’s Red, White and Blue festival next weekend in Derbyshire.


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The fascist loonstomp has already had its licence for alcohol and music refused following local resistance to the gathering (see SchNEWS 635). A solicitor for Derbyshire police told the Amber Valley Borough Council licence tribunal, “The fact is we are expecting trouble at this event. We didn’t object to this festival in 2007, and we didn’t object initially in 2008 - however towards the end of May the intelligence picture changed. We have started to receive intelligence to say that groups opposed to the BNP may attack people attending this festival. Having a large number of individuals with opposing views together in one area like this is going to be a powder keg.”

In previous years the BNP have been able to hold their shindig with little or no opposition (despite being filmed by an undercover BBC crew singing Nazi drinking anthems) In fact last years event was protested by one solitary individual with a placard – local anti-fascists describing him as ‘very brave’.

This year though things are gonna be different with three different groups and no doubt a few unaligned individuals aiming to make their presence felt. Nottingham Stop the BNP have called for a demo staring at 9 a.m in the nearby village of Codnor. To confuse matters ‘Unite’ against fascism have called their own demo two hours later in the same location.

As a spokesman for Notts Stop the BNP told us “The locals want them out – last years gathering was noisy and menacing – we might not stop it happening this year – they’ve had people setting up on site for the last ten days but we’re going to make it as hard as hell for them to enjoy themselves and hopefully stop it happening next year”.

For transport to the event and action: Tel: 07980 089859

* For more info and details of transport going from around the country check out 07522 034032

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