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Climate Camp photo galleries restored

mini mouse | 10.08.2008 07:16 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos

The Climate Camp photo galleries are back on line - eventually - after crashing due to heavy demand.

We received a lot of calls asking for pictures especially for blogs and environmental publications. What we didn't realise was that they were also linking to the photo galleries.

As a result we used a gigabyte of bandwidth in eleven hours which we calculate as meaning roughly three million pictures were viewed before the server company blocked the traffic.

See them while you can at

mini mouse


Clarification : Climate Camp Website Did Not Crash

10.08.2008 10:14

The servers hosting did not at any time crash and were never unavailable!

The photo galleries were stored on someone else's server which had a bandwidth limit. The photo galleries are now stored on the same servers as the rest of the Climate Camp website, which have plenty bandwidth.