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Chaos Mass: Mayday weekend in Manchester starts with bike ride

cyclist | 29.04.2006 10:09 | Mayday 2006 | Ecology | Free Spaces

Mayday celebrations in Manchester began yesterday (Friday) with a Critical Mass. Numbers of cyclists had almost doubled from previous months.

Mayday Critical Mass ends in pub
Mayday Critical Mass ends in pub

Yet, the Mass alos turned out to be more chaotic than usual. 40-50 cyclists could not agree on how fast to go, whether to stop at red lights etc. In the beginning the tail of the ride got lost several times.

When a police car turned up for the second half of the ride, cyclists quickly made the decision to end the Mass in a pub. No one wanted to repeat the police intervention from 2 months ago. The police watched everyone settle down with their beers and then left.