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"Troops Out - But then What?" Meeting

Zaid (posted by richarddirecttv) | 20.04.2004 10:16 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

TROOPS OUT – BUT THEN WHAT? Oxford Stop the War Coalition Meeting
Thursday 22nd April 7.30 Oxford Town Hall

The next meeting of the Oxford Stop the War Coalition takes place this week on Thur 22 April, in the Town Hall, St Aldates, Oxford. It will be held in the Plowman Room and start at 7.30pm. There will be a talk by Dave Hillman on the theme of “Troops Out – But Then What?” This will be followed by a discussion.

The situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate rapidly. The massacre of hundreds of men, women and children in Fallujah shows the casual disregard that the occupying forces have for human lives. However, many people in the west - even some of those who may have opposed the initial invasion – disagree with pulling the troops out.

“If we withdraw, there will be chaos”, goes one argument.

Or “We made the mess – we have to stay and clear it up”

Or even “It was wrong to go to war, but now we’re there we have to finish the job”

Another argument, as articulated by Simon Scott Plummer in The Daily Telegraph on 6 April is “If we turn our back on Iraq, terror will fill the vacuum”

How should we respond to such arguments? Do they have any validity? How do we move forward from here? These issues will be explored at Thursday’s meeting in the talk and discussion. All welcome.

Zaid (Oxford Stop the War Coalition)

Zaid (posted by richarddirecttv)