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Please spend 5 mins and help 250,000 people.

Kevin Scardifield | 16.03.2012 07:38

The Worlds most painful incureable condition

I have suffered for 33 months now with RSD which can be triggered by something as trivial as a sprained wrist or ankle and I am one of the lucky ones other have not been diagnosed until 10, 15 or 20 years after the onset, if you don't know the symptoms are here. RSD/CRPS is recognised as the most painful condition in the world.
Based on US and Dutch figures we probably have around 250,000 sufferers in the UK but due to the ignorance of approx 95% of the NHS about this conditon only approx 12000 suffers have been diagnosed and there are only according to my specialist only around 15 real specialists.
Because of this I have created Please take the time to read it and if you are willing sign it. If you want to do more then ask your family, freinds, work colleagues, your own Doctors and anyone else you know to do the same.
There is also a poster which can be displayed
I have included a photograph so you can see what RSD does.

Kevin Scardifield
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