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The 103 thousand pound eviction of st pauls cathedral

Mr Freedom | 16.03.2012 15:10 | Occupy Everywhere | Free Spaces | Sheffield

a recent freedom of information request against the city of london police has shown the true extent of the city's might against st paul's occupy lsx

Recant freedom of information request accepted by the city of london police regarding occupy lsx evictions

There were 464 officers present at the evictions of the St Paul’s
cathedral campers

The most senior officer present was Temporary Superintendent McGinley

policing operation name of the eviction was ‘Hawley

The cost of policing the eviction of the campers from St Pauls was

tho this is JUST for the city of london police's force more costs would of been incurred over the bailiffs costs

this just goes to show that the city of london flexed its muscles to show that they will protect the capitalist parasites at what ever cost to you and me

Mr Freedom