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Bush to Visit Brussells - Red Carpet & Flowers

sparky | 18.01.2005 16:16 | Anti-militarism

will the fomenter of war and chaos be greeted with cheers and flowers?

G.W. Bush will be taking his horrific scheming insanity to Brussells for photo opportunities, and for the newspapers to blazon the triumphant "rapproachment" with Europe, that has been ingeniously deployed by his newly confirmed Sec of State Condoleeza Rice.

No human on planet earth will be allowed to question how this miraculous bit of diplomacy was accomplished within 48 hours of Bush's coronation ceremony, rising like a phoenix from the stinking fetid pit of acrimony and disgust that the world until so recently considered to be the real demense of Bush and his entire warmongering gang of fascists.

Nonetheless, we will all be told of the fairy-like fragrance of roses and cinnamin that filled the atmosphere whenever Bush and Condi opened their mouths; even as thick pestilent plague of locusts which actually did fly out of their gaping maws is nicely edited out of the video clips.

No doubt we will all be standing in awe and humble casting flowers at the feet of these god-like saviors of human-kind on Feb 22nd in Brussells, and on Feb 24th in Brno, and at every station that they make on their visit to the vieux Europe.



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