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US Activist Shot in Face by Israeli Army....

Ewa J | 18.01.2005 17:56

....needs help. The appeal for funds was posted by Israeli activists supporting Brian Avery in his case demanding a criminal investigation into his shooting in Jenin two years ago.

Activist shot in the face by Israeli troops April 2003 in need of funds
to pursue his case against the Israeli army.

I myself was with Brian when his face was destroyed and he was nearly
killed by a 50 calibre bullet spat from an Israeli Armoured Personel
Carrier and spent over a week with him in hospital afterwards, including
his birthday there. He is lucky to be alive. Please help by forwarding
this on email lists

Click for background info and photos: - one year after
his shooting


-----Original Message-----
From: neta golan

Dear Friends,

Brian Avery petition demanding a criminal
investigation into his shooting will be heard on by
the Israeli Supreme Court Israeli Supreme Court on
Feb. 28th. ISM hopes to bring him to Palestine to be
present at his trail. It would be great if any of you
can organize an event to help us raise the funds to
bring him here and send the funds to:

Brian Avery Medical Fund (name to write on check)
C/o Wells Fargo Bank
ATTN: Teller Line
200 Lomas Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Or send them to Brian directly at:
209 Collinson Dr.
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Thank you!

In solidarity
The legal committee
Alex neta and Yosi

Ewa J