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Is Syria Next?

un | 18.01.2005 15:12 | Anti-militarism | Repression

Once again the disinformation is being spread, that Syria is where the terrorists are coming from, that Syria is harbouring terrorist training camps, that Syria is supporting insurgents in Iraq.

Is Sryia Next?

According to the Washington Times ( the Bush Nazi Family ( are considering strikes into Syria 'to bolster security for the upcoming elections'.

A more likely explanation however, is that it will divert attention from a rigged election (, and from its failure in Fallujah (, and its mounting record of War Crimes, and Crimes Against Humanity, and Acts Of Genocide, as defined by articles 5-8 of The ICC (

Syria tried so hard as well, to help america by providing american intelligence with 'hundreds of files on Al Qaeda, crucial data on the activities of radical Islamist cells throughout the Middle East and Europe and intelligence about future terrorist plans.' (, and offered to let american troops stay on Syrian soil, and they have been repaid by almost continuose threats of violence.



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