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Solidarity for 3 hambachforest comrades in jail

Twiggs | 28.10.2015 20:22 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Repression | World

It is cutting season in hambach forest, a forest occuption in germany, where they want to destroy more and more forest for the expansion of one of europes biggest lignite open cast coal mine. This area is one of the most polluting areas in europe, with as leading killkill companie RWE. Now 3 comrades are imprisoned.

So last week two people got arrested, and the judge desided to keep them for longer. Yesterday evening we got new information about the conditions and developments concerning the 3 prisoners from the forest occupation, who are at the moment imprisoned in Aachen and Cologne. We want to give an update to everyone interested and call out for solidarity. At the moment, there are no public names for the two persons arrested last thursday, so they'll be called A. and B. in this text.

All 3 prisoners suffer from injuries they had inflicted on them during their arrest. How the situation exactly went and if they were hurt by police or security, we don't know. Mr. Blue, who is imprisoned for several weeks now, can't hear well out of his left ear, and he can't feel two fingers on his left hand. Since he is in prison, he is not been allowed to see the prison-doctor. A. has a bleeding wound on his head, one of his fingers seems to be broken or seriously hurt. Somebody broke B.'s nose, he has several missing teeth and complains about pain in his chaw – we don't know what the last thing means, because he couldn't see a doctor before the judge sent him to prison the day after his arrest. He declared the wants to go on hunger strike, if the prison refuses to give him vegan food (like always).
In the cases of all the prisoners, it's at the moment not possible to say how long their imprisonment will take. The lawyers expect it to be 2-3 months at the longest. The charges for A. and B. are dangerous assault and destruction of property, Mr. Blue's are "Hausfriedensbruch", "Störung öffentlicher Betriebe", assault, resistance against his arrest and insulting. the lawyers expect as punishment in all cases prison on probation.
Visits and letters will be under surveillance. At the moment, there's no official "Anklage", so it's not possible to predict the day of the trial, which would (hopefully) mean the end of their inprisonment
It is important that the people inside the prison to know they're notalone! And that we wont accept the injustice that our comrades are in jail without a fight.If you were thinking about doing an action against coalmining and climate destruction, do it now! Spontaneous demonstrations, sabotages, banner drops - be creative. And show your solidarity to the 3 prisoners in your action declarations. You can also do solidarity-pictures with banners and send them to us. But also direct help is necessary.
Write them!
You can find the prison-adress of Mr. Blue at the end of this article, to publish the other adresses we have to wait for the permission of the prisoners. Please send letters for them to the "Werkstatt für Aktionen und Alternativen (WAA; adress also below), we will send them to the prisoners. For them, letters are often the only contact to the outside, and therefore very important! Be creative - put leaflets, stickers, songtexts or other stuff inside, write them about the project your involved in, send pictures, stories, articles. You can also write an email to us - we will print it and send to the people in prison.
Send them reading material!
In the cell, it can be really boring. Often, the prison rejects books sent to prisoners. Chances are best with thinner ones, soft covers and non-political content. But please also try to send political stuff - ifit works, it's even nicer for the prisoners.
The state tries to stop us from continuing our fight with intimidation and prison - we are not intimidated, and we are not afraid! we will stand together and face repression. Now more than ever:
Let's smash RWE together and put an end to deadly brown coal mining! Let’s fight for solidarity amongst humans, nonhuman-animals and ecosystems, for a free society!

Mr. blue (in jail for about 3 weeks now)
Mister Blue, 1uJS932/15, JVA Aachen, Krefelder Strasse 251

Felix adress (person B)
Felix Neuner
Rochusstr. 350, 50827 Köln

- e-mail: