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Torture in detention

megan | 21.09.2005 22:42

Two women in an immigration detention centre were today terrorized by security staff for no reason.

Both women are very ill. They do not want to be returned to their countries as they were tortured there and will probably be imprisoned again or killed if they return. Even writing this makes me fearful that they will be more vulnerable in the face of Immigration as a result.

Today at about 2.30 a couple of security guards came into the one woman's room and told her to gather her belongings as she was going to be put on a flight. She had no removal directions and as far as she knew her solicitor had not been notified. Her friend protested and said she can't go as she is ill from being on hunger strike for so long. They brought more and more guards until there were about 20 in the corridor. A guard tried to squeeze her sandals onto her feet and they brought a wheelchair to put her in to take her to the plane. She could not go. Her friend fought for her as she had little energy and felt bullied. Later in the afternoon she received a phone call from a woman who did not give her name tellng her that she would go on the flight, that she had no case to stay in this country and would be removed no matter what.

She is still here but when I phoned her this evening to find out what had happened she cried bitterly. All she wants is to be safe and to live in peace. We feel impotent and don't know what more to do to keep her and other people we know in similar circumstances, safe.



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