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DIY Culture Weekend has begun in Birmingham

yossarian | 22.01.2005 17:38 | Free Spaces | Health | Indymedia | Birmingham

DIY Culture has begun in Birmingham. Hosted by the Nursery Social Centre Collective, DIY Culture is a long weekend of events and workshops aiming to foster the technical skills and intellectual defenses necessary to confront capitalism and sow the seeds of a better world within the shell of the old.

So far, there have been sessions on:

* solar and wind energy (photos and video on the way) with detailed instructions for getting off the grid

* converting vehicles to bio-diesel (photos and video to come), with one car being converted to run on used french-fry oil during the course of the day

* low tech computing using recycled computers and GNU/Linux technology

* how to exploit gaps in the database systems that represent your identity within the conventional social framework to create new identities - from Tesco cards to drivers' licenses to passports - without breaking the law

* urban exploration and climbing, including a Situationist-style walk through the city to explore the potentials for using existing urban spaces in new and revolutionary ways

* alternative medicine and herbal healing

Right now there is a session on permaculture (sustainable do-it-yourself agriculture) taking place, to be followed by a showing of Ken Fero's explosive film Injustice, which follows the stories of five black people killed while in custody by the London Metropolitan police, and the community's response to ongoing police violence. The showing will be followed by a talk by the director.

Many hours of video have been shot so far, and some of that will be turned into short films during the Indymedia video workshops taking place tomorrow. Stay tuned for more info as we write it!



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