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Free Market in Manchester today

nes | 16.04.2005 14:13 | Globalisation

the saturday club kicked off today with a free market in manchester city centre...

the saturday club is a new club for people wanting to do mini actions every saturday.. it kicked off this saturday by having a free market in manchester city centre..

we thought it would be cool to give stuff away for free so that people wouldnt have to buy it.. and tell them how we got it so that they might be able to do it aswell...

hundreds of people flocked to get their hands on the free food, clothes, books and stickers..

all these had been collected by the saturday club the night before by many means including skipping and things that people didnt want or need:

we had masses of stuff including 3 massive bin bags full to bursting of cakes and bread and crisps and biscuits..

one of us had baked biscuits for the occasion...someone donated 2 big boxes of books and records...and a few people kindly gave us loads of funky clothes...

there were kids, families, elderly, trendy..all types of people came and seemed to have a much fun time eaing the cake and chatting..

keep your eyes peeled for more saturday club antics..our website will be up and running soon too..if you wanna get involved please email or see the forum..

(pictures to accompany this article will be here soon)

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