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NO QUOTAS : LEGALIZATION !! Migrants take Action In Paris

Droits Devant !! | 16.04.2005 07:12 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles

On Wednesday the 13th of April, close to one hundred sans-papiers from Droits Devant !! and support group activists, such as bishop Jacques Gaillot and Professor Albert Jacquard, occupied the headquarters of the Federation Francaise du Batiment (F.F.B -French Federation of Construction).

This action follows several statements made by various political and corporate leaders concerning the implimentation of a quota system for immigrant labor.

This new interest for quotas is economic and demographic in order to compenste the population decline of France and the labor needs in several activity

As M. Baffy (head of the FFB, one of the main employers of sans-papiers) recently stated : " in certain sectors, we aren’t able to meet our labor needs, the only solution is to turn to foreign workers ".

The sans-papiers who occupied the FFB, as thousands of others, live and work in France under appalling conditions transforming them into slaves of the 3rd millenium.

Rather than promoting quotas that will generalize a "kleenex " immigration and fuel widespread social insecurity and poverty, what is urgently needed is the
granting of a permanent work permit and the legalization of this hidden workforce which contributes to France’s economic growth.

Droits Devant !!

Droits Devant !!