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House of Lords freedom to protest ruling (about Fairford Coaches)

coach passenger | 11.12.2006 22:12 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

At 9.45am on Wednesday 13 December, the House of Lords will rule on the case of 120 anti-war protestors detained by police and prevented from attending a demonstration at RAF Fairford on 22 March 2003, just two days after coalition forces launched their attacks on Iraq.

Support demonstration in Parliament Square, London from 8.30am till noon

Banners, signs, samba bands, and leafletters are all invited to participate in a morning of protest in support of the freedom to protest!

This important Human Rights case concerns the freedom to protest and freedom from arbitrary detention. This is the last time the case will be heard in the UK (regardless of the outcome)! The outcome will have wide-reaching repercussions for protest in the UK.

8.30-9.30am - We'll have a "pre-judgement" demonstration in Parliament Square.
9.45am - Judgement is handed down inside the House of Lords, and the passengers will discuss this.
10.30am - a solidarity protest and press interviews in Parliament Square until noon.

Note: in order to prevent mass arrest under the extraordinarily draconian SOCPA laws, Jesse has applied for permission to have a group protest in Parliament Square. If you would like to protest without complying with SOCPA laws, we welcome solidarity protests which do not comply - even if they are held in the same location.

If you have any questions, contact Jesse 0781 458 7361 or Jane 07817 483 167.

see for lots more info.

coach passenger
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and then at noon.......

12.12.2006 00:33 could maybe all come up to marylebone court to support another big fight for freedom as brian haw fights his corner for all of us agaisnt conditions imposed under socpa legislation.

for more info see today's report at, and look out for further reports each day.