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Cambridgeshire FOR Windfarms

levin | 19.09.2004 16:25 | Ecology | Cambridge

On a windy Saturday (18th September) a group of people went to Boxworth to the "Cambridgeshire against Windfarms" exhibition to provide another viewpoint for the visitors.

Although most attending, with a few exceptions, were already against the windfarm to be located between Boxworth and the A14, many motorists passing by honked and gave a "thumbs-up".

Nearly everyone we spoke to expressed the view that they were not against windfarms as such, but believed this proposal was too close to the township, citing noise as the biggest concern.

However, at Yes-2-Wind ( they state that, "Thanks to advances in wind turbine technology, well designed, well sited turbines can be quiet enough to cause no disturbance to people living just a few hundred metres away. At these distances, any noise they do make is usually drowned out by the natural noise of the wind itself in the trees and vegetation. To protect nearby residents from any undue disturbance, proposals to install wind turbines are required to meet strict noise standards."

Hopefully the trip organised for this Thursday (23rd September) by the company who proposed the windfarm (Your Energy) will dispel these concerns.