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Further Updates from inside Arafat's compound.

Monkey face | 21.04.2002 19:33

Further updates fron British activist inside the Palestinian Authority compound. Food and water is running low and the compound contains many seriously wounded people.
The Internationals are lodged throughout the entire building and plan to sit it out until the end.

Statement.21/04/02 at 3.30PM British Time.

A group of about 50 internationals, among them Americans,British, French, Danish and Australian, have entered the Palestinian Authority compound at Ramallah,as part of the International solidarity Movement.
A large procession marched to the back of the compound as a decoy while a small group advanced onto the front of the compound dodging bullets which the IDF fired in the air and at the ground.
AT least one person was grabbed by the soldiers but managed to escape and make it into the compound with rest of the internationals.
Inside the compound there are seriously wounded people and food and water is running low.
The compound contains two buildings, and the internationals are lodged throughout including on an interconnecting bridge joining the two buildings.
Every one remains in the compound to sleep at night.
Arafat shares his sleeping space with five internationals.
A relible source in the IDF says that the Israelis are planning to attack the compound tonight.
The violence which had decreased during Powell's visit to Israel has increased, since his departure.

Monkey face
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