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Join the unwelcome for Mr. Blair at Matthew Boulton College this Thursday 16th

Mike D | 15.03.2006 13:29 | Anti-militarism | Education | Repression | Birmingham

Tony Blair is visiting Mathew Boulton College tomorrow (Thursday 16th March 2006), there will be an unwelcome for him from various groups and individuals including the MB2 (Mathew Boulton two), who are two students who were suspended for daring to publish a student newsletter asking for rights to establish student societies. The unwelcome is planned for 13:00 Hours (1pm) at Mathew Boulton College Jenners Road, Birmingham.

Tony Blair and his administration have continued to be involved in supporting tyrannical regimes across the world as evidenced yesterday by their colluision with Israel in kidnapping Palestinians from Palestinian territories. His administration refuses to allow a British resident recently released from Guantanamo to enter Britain and refuses to secure the release of the British residents still held at Guantanamo. Due to the ongoing war in Iraq, which was perpetrated in our names based on deliberately falsified intelligence, there are between 33,638 and 37,754 deaths of innocent civilians which have been documented and reported by the media (

We need to be present in numbers to unwelcome him into Birmingham and highlight our displeasure at the policies of his administration.

Mike D