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Group Work: arts-related groups, collectives and movements

via[msdm] | 17.06.2006 10:55 | Culture | Free Spaces | Workers' Movements

Dear enthusiasts of group work and collaboration:
Please help us build a database of people working in arts and arts-related groups, collectives and movements.

Temporary Services has worked as a group since late in 1998. We are interested in the cultures of collaboration and collectivity within group practice.

While much recent attention has been given to these ways of working, few substantial documents have been produced that reflect the amount of work that has been accomplished. There is also a need for more writing on the inner dynamics of the group process: how collaborations are formed, how decisions are made, how conflict is resolved, and so on.

We are compiling the names, locations, and dates (when available) of art and arts-related groups, which can include those who work as curatorial collectives. We would like your help!

The list will be published in a book we are working on titled Group Work. The book will include interviews, quotes about working together, lists of words used to describe the numerous ways in which we group ourselves, and a list of historic and currently active groups.

The list will also be a part of a larger initiative called Groups and Spaces that several people have contributed to. Groups and Spaces includes groups of one person (who still chooses to work under a group name), couples who work as a group, groups of three or more people, and open networks that are named, but aren't necessarily a collective or more circumscribed group.

We would like your help to develop this list and make it as comprehensive as possible. Please visit to see the list of groups and to submit names of groups not listed, corrections to information already posted, or any suggestions you have to make the list better.

The list is still under construction, but is public and accessible to all. A more sophisticated, searchable database and sets of research tools are planned for the site after this preliminary list making is over.

Thank you,

Temporary Services
(Brett Bloom, Salem Collo-Julin, Marc Fischer)

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