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Anti-war film night in Glasgow

Glasgow Autonomous Project | 18.09.2003 17:20 | Anti-militarism

Anti-war film night at the Halt Bar, Woodlands Rd, Glasgow.
23 September 8:00 pm

An evening of anti-war films, and a planning meeting for the September 27th demo in Edinburgh.

*End the occupation of Iraq*
*Justice for Palestine*

Organised by the Glasgow Autonomous Project: a group of anarchists and libertarians, peace activists and others based in and around Glasgow. We are currently organising events with the ultimate aim of establishing an anarchist/autonomous centre. The centre will be a base for radical, grass-roots and working-class political activity in Glasgow and will be run as a co-operative.

The Centre's doors will be open to hold meetings of likeminded groups from the surrounding area and we will also be attempting to run a bookshop, cafe or gig venue, all with the aim of giving Glasgow an alternative cultural space free from the choking bureaucracy of party politics.

Glasgow Autonomous Project
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