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Greek Squat Anarcho's All But One Released

Francesca | 19.09.2012 14:04 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

This is an extract of an email sent to myself from an anarcho comrade in greece, one of the comrades arrested and brutalised by anti-terror pigs recently in Thessaloniki.

i'm not sure what you know about all this, but I been caught up in all
this, I was one of the 10 people found in the squat at the time.

I don't know where to begin my friend, it was surreal, we've all been
released just now, except for one, who is in trouble because of his Spanish
passport and is in an immigration concentration camp at the moment. I
alongside my Colombian comrade I just mentioned got the highest sentence,
1 year suspended sentence. Its all totally fucked up, the squat
depressingly has gone for sure, I wish you had seen it once before all
this happened. I wish i could explain in more details what happened,
but I'm exhausted, feel pain all over my body, the scum anti-terror police
beat us up in the raid, then we were forcibly made to give our finger
prints later at the police station, hand still hurts where they tried to
break it... just exhausted, going to go to sleep right now, please get
this out on indymedia uk...