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EDL Zetaboards forum hacked!

AnonBham | 06.02.2011 18:30 | Flotilla to Gaza | Anti-racism | Birmingham | Sheffield

EDL Zetaboards forums have been hacked, defaced and data has been stolen, again.

EDL Zetaboards Hack Screenshot
EDL Zetaboards Hack Screenshot

The EDL are a fanatic and right wing organisation.

The EDL's main communication base is the internet. In depth, they use free forums provided by Zetaboards to have an online community for members and non members. Recnetly, the EDL have been known to have attack Islam regardless, their view of only attacking 'Millitant Islam' is not true.

This isn't the first time the EDL have been hacked, and I persume, with past messages from the hackers who keep hacking them this won't be the last. Here's a screenshot I took of the hack.




06.02.2011 21:08

I'm sorry, I forgot to add the link.

The original hack took place here,

Here's the data that was leaked,

You can find numerous threads on the edl - .org site and the zeta boards site.



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