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Parliament Square Peace Camp video

Doug. | 24.06.2007 07:52 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Day One.

Owing to the general confusion created by the ill conceived and criminalising SOCPA legislation, originally sanctioned by most of our MPs, some parts of the overall demo are authorised by the police and some are not. Even the sound system itself is questionable.

The unauthorised Peace Camp is a cluster of tents towards the back of the Square.




2nd attempt to upload Windows video.

24.06.2007 08:56

Will it or won't it work?



24.06.2007 09:13

Seems the Windows video uploaded OK but wouldn't open in Firefox. Should be OK in Windoze Media Player. ;-)


Audio from Parliament Square Saturday

24.06.2007 11:42

Download: - mp3 4.5M

A song from Brian Haw and info on the camp from Susan Clarkson