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EDO Granted Israeli Patent For F-16 Weapons Release Component

Chloe Marsh | 04.12.2009 09:36 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | South Coast | World

Press Release

4th December 2009

Brighton arms firm EDO MBM has been granted a patent by the Israeli
government for an electrical connector system used on F-16 warplanes.

The Israeli State Patent Journal shows Patent No. 159612 was granted to
the company for an 'Electrical Connector' also known as the 'Field
Replaceable Connector System' (FRCS)' on 20 July 2009. The cable connects
'smart bombs' to bomb racks and pylons under the wings of F-16 and F-15
aircraft with a unique snap on and off design.

EDO MBM filed the patent through Israeli law firm Sanford T.Colb and Co.

An identical American patent was granted to EDO MBM in 2006. Since then
they have supplied the FRCS to the USAF F-15 and F-16 fighter/bombers, as
well as to A-10 Thunderbolts used in the massacre of civilians in Afghanistan.

The RAF have already incorporated the component into UK military aircraft.

Israel have over 250 F-16s (the largest fleet outside the US), and dozens
of F-15 aircraft waiting to be upgraded with smart weapon release systems
such as the FRCS. The granting of the patent clears the path for EDO MBM
to sell the component directly to the Israeli Air Force or indirectly
through Lockheed Martin.

In April 2009 managing director Paul Hills told The Argus "We supply the
UK Ministry of Defence. I would, and have, stood up in court and sworn
under oath that we don't supply to Israel which is one of the things Smash
EDO accuse us of."

The UK government has refused to confirm or deny this claim. EDO MBM have
refused to give consent to any release of information that might confirm
or deny it.



1. The FRCS was invented by EDO MBM director John Eaton in 2002.

2. In October 2009 the Information Tribunal confirmed that EDO MBM have
since 1998 owned the rights to vital components used in the Israeli F-16
bomb rack, the VER-2, the ERU151 and the ZRFAU.

3. Since 2004 the USA have been delivering over 100 F-16I fighter/
bombersto Israel as part of the Peace Marble V arms deal.

4. An identical American patent was granted to EDO MBM in 2006 since when
the firm have been manufacturing the FRCS for the USAF F-15 and F-16
fighter/bombers, as well as A-10 Thunderbolt aircraft used in the massacre
of Afghani civilians this year. The RAF have also incorporated the
component into UK military aircraft since 2002


page 115 of Israel Patents and Design Journal 20 July 2009

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