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CDG crisis deepens

insider | 17.12.2007 14:59 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

The crisis at Careers Development Group worsens.

Following an excellent expose by Indymedia UK last month of the activities of CDG, a bogus training group, all hell has broken out at CDG.

The big boys have descended on CDG Basingstoke, but matters have got worse.

Yet another Jobseeker has been bullied for looking at an 'inappropriate website', this time by the clowns from head office.

Intimidation and threats are being made against Jobseekers in a crude attempt to keep them quiet.

Anyone who is being intimidated, or who does not like what they see at CDG, should complain to their local Job Centre.

CDG ran off a copy of the report on Indymedia UK and sent it to a local Job Centre! Quite what they expected to achieve is a mystery, but what it has done is alert the Job Centre to the fact that something is very, very wrong and the need for an investigation into the activities of CDG.

CDG run New Deal training courses on behalf of the government. At least that is what they claim to be doing. At best, they are running a scam, at worst outright fraud.

The best thing the government can do is shut them down.

Staff morale, bad before, is now far worse. It is not only the Jobseekers who cannot stand the manager, the staff are equally sick of her hectoring and bullying behaviour, strutting around as though she has a poker up her arse.

Bully-boy has been relieved of his duties as a tutor. He is now in charge of finding job placements for Jobseekers. It was only a matter of time before he got aggressive with a potential employee. This has already happened!

Anyone who has any experience of CDG, who has had the misfortune to pass through their doors, should be complaining to their local Job Centre and asking for their immediate closure.

At a time when Job Centres are seeing massive cuts in their budgets, are unable to do anything to help the unemployed even if they tried, why is millions of taxpayers' money being poured into scam training courses run by the likes of CDG and A4e (Action for employment)? Why should the owner of A4e be turned into a multimillionaire riding on the backs of the unemployed?

The best Christmas present for both Jobseekers and taxpayers, would be for CDG to be closed down.



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