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CDG crisis deepens

insider | 17.12.2007 14:59 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

The crisis at Careers Development Group worsens.

Following an excellent expose by Indymedia UK last month of the activities of CDG, a bogus training group, all hell has broken out at CDG.

The big boys have descended on CDG Basingstoke, but matters have got worse.

Yet another Jobseeker has been bullied for looking at an 'inappropriate website', this time by the clowns from head office.

Intimidation and threats are being made against Jobseekers in a crude attempt to keep them quiet.

Anyone who is being intimidated, or who does not like what they see at CDG, should complain to their local Job Centre.

CDG ran off a copy of the report on Indymedia UK and sent it to a local Job Centre! Quite what they expected to achieve is a mystery, but what it has done is alert the Job Centre to the fact that something is very, very wrong and the need for an investigation into the activities of CDG.

CDG run New Deal training courses on behalf of the government. At least that is what they claim to be doing. At best, they are running a scam, at worst outright fraud.

The best thing the government can do is shut them down.

Staff morale, bad before, is now far worse. It is not only the Jobseekers who cannot stand the manager, the staff are equally sick of her hectoring and bullying behaviour, strutting around as though she has a poker up her arse.

Bully-boy has been relieved of his duties as a tutor. He is now in charge of finding job placements for Jobseekers. It was only a matter of time before he got aggressive with a potential employee. This has already happened!

Anyone who has any experience of CDG, who has had the misfortune to pass through their doors, should be complaining to their local Job Centre and asking for their immediate closure.

At a time when Job Centres are seeing massive cuts in their budgets, are unable to do anything to help the unemployed even if they tried, why is millions of taxpayers' money being poured into scam training courses run by the likes of CDG and A4e (Action for employment)? Why should the owner of A4e be turned into a multimillionaire riding on the backs of the unemployed?

The best Christmas present for both Jobseekers and taxpayers, would be for CDG to be closed down.



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sign back on

18.12.2007 14:57

If you are on a scam training course, visit your local Job Centre, ask to do a rapid reclaim and sign back on.

Explain to your Job Centre that the course is a scam, a waste of taxpayers' money, if need be file a formal complaint, and sign back on.

Be productive. Whilst on a scan training course, collect evidence, be supportive to your fellow Jobseekers, encourage them to speak out, to sign back on.

Everyone who leaves a scam training course helps to cut off the funding, is another nail in the coffin.

Help shut down these crooks who are getting rich off the back of the unemployed.


Lost a job cos of CDG

18.12.2007 19:09

well i have been there for some time and because of the way they speak to employers, i have lost afew jobs now all because they dont know how to talk to people, the manager really doesnt care about us untill well get a job and that meens they get a bonus for "finding that job for us", lmao, which they never helped in the first place.

Some people should be on placement, if thay ask about it they say they are working on it if the go to the job center they are thrented with being kicked off. some people there have said that "prison is better than going to CDG", at lest if your in prison they will train you up, unlike CDG, they are all so unwilling to look at apprenticeships, as to them an apprenticeship is not a job, work that one out please.

on a good note, yes there is a good bit about it, most of the people there and one member of stuff are all nice a friendly, but thats about the only good bit about CDG. OOOO and they are letting us stay in on lunch time as well now so no walking around in the cold for an hour.



18.12.2007 21:28

Just recently I completed the thirteen week course at a certain branch. My time there I consider to be wasted as I could have been doing much more suitable things then being dragged across the bleeding country for a farce of a company. The staff there I must admit are really nice however due the lack of management skills one person has they are often bemused of what to teach if anything.

The solution is not shutting a branch down as many people would lose the benefits they get from it. Be it searching the net, calling or even the help. Structured wise its a complete joke and should be given a long break and EVERYTHING looked over so they have a STRUCTRE on what to do.

Everything in the articles about CDG are true however shutting it down would not be a wise idea but fixing the MANY problem is.

Ex Seeker

De Oppresso Liber

18.12.2007 21:40

To Liberate The Opressed

Shocking just REALLY shocking at what I have read in this and the other article. I am a University student studying law and from what I have read it seems to me that this company 'CDG' is in breach of nearly every health and saftey law. I find it astonishing that this goes on and that people are treated so poorly, even more so by todays standards. If we have learnt anything from the past that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and equal.


shut them down

19.12.2007 14:56

CDG should be shut down.

These crooks should not be getting rich off the back of the unemployed.

They are NOT helping people find work.

They block acess to internet sites, do not have local papers.

People are better off going to their local library.

Jobseekers are being bullied, threatened they will lose benefits.

Things is demeaning to the unemployed.

They are saying Jobseekers have to apply for at least four jobs everyday. If not, benefit will be stopped.

Job Centres say no, you do not have to apply for 4 jobs a day, as not possible.

Far, far better, is poeple go on courses of their choice where they learn real skills.

Some of the staff at CDG are ok, but none have a clue what they are doing, others can't cope and are little more than bullying thugs.



19.12.2007 19:00

Nice one bruv!

Staff at CDG are wicked but not even they should be doing this kind of job.