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A fiesta for life against death!

Disarm DSEi | 28.06.2001 21:35 | Fiesta for Life | Anti-militarism | London

On September 11th 2001 something beautiful is going to happen to mark the opening day of Europe's premier arms fair. Come along and give the armed wing of capitalism a lesson in creative resistance!

A carnivalesque gathering to shut down the Defence Systems and Equipment International (DSEi) arms fair.
An attempt to broaden and strengthen the anti-capitalist movement.
A demonstration of our creativity and humanity in the face of their greed and destruction.
A chance for peaceniks to meet environmental activists, for greens to meet development campaigners, for anti-debt bods to meet anarchists, for anarchists to meet peace workers. Shut down an arms fair and make new friends doing it!

September 11th 2001, Excel Centre, Docklands, London

Disarm DSEi
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