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Mainstream Media coverage of actions from the Camp for Climate Action

imc | 31.08.2006 10:25 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos

Mainstream Media coverage of actions from the Camp for Climate Action

28 arrested in Drax power station demo
Police admit breach. Press association

Eco-warriors march on Yorkshire power station,,2-2336455,00.html

Power plant demo arrests
Good coverage and photos in The Sun!,,2-2006400405,00.html

Green protesters gather to close 'Drax the Destroyer'
A lyrical take on the protests.

Protesters march on power plant
Dorothy Thompson, chief executive of Drax Power, conceded that the plant could do more to cut emissions.,,1862032,00.html

Protesters attempt to close Drax power station
Hundreds of demonstrators have begun a day of "creative mass action" against Britain's biggest coal-fired power station in an attempt to shut it down.

Protesters arrested at UK power plant International press

Drax share prices down.

Front Cover of Independent

Local press regurgitate Police briefing.

Guardian pick up lighting tower story - press association Police state 2 people arrested inside compound.,,-6049300,00.html

Activists block power station GREEN activists formed a human road block at Hartlepool's nuclear power station.

Protests grow over 'new nuclear' programme News of Harlepool Blockade and link to new nuke programme

Power station protesters arrested Police claim lighting tower protest was on barlow common not power station.

Climate change protesters feel the heat Focus on section 60 and searches.,,1861649,00.html

Ban for anti-nuclear protesters Inaccurate report of bail conditions

Power protest spreads as lines are cut Power lines cut in yorkshire - could it be a co-incidence?

Green protesters target Drax power plant Wednesday preparation and power issues, National Grid.

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More mainstream media articles and coverage

01.09.2006 10:03

Yesterday coverage was extensive on broadcast media with radio running the story all day, inc debates on radio 4 and local radio, digital news channels did hourly reports and terrestrial news programmes all featured the camp and the day of action.

Police statements from "Operation Harmony" as it was called, had a distinct new labour feel to them over the last few days with constant nonsense being quoted like "We're happy to provide as many resources for the protestors as they need. At the camp we're providing a liaison interface between protestors and the local community" - it's not too difficult to see what that means when you decode it...

Worthy of a mention is the spin on the section 60 stop and searches, with the police justifying hundreds of individual searches with the statistic of two people found with weapons - one newspaper suspects a boltcopper, legal teams say there were people arrested for possession of a crewdriver, another for a fork, and another for a penknife. Most media reports mention that protestors were arrested for possession of 'weapons'. For more see:

Below is a selection of further articles:


Drax demo 'gets message across'
Climate change campaigners happy with day of protest – but some condemn huge police presence


Huge policing bill as Drax defended
Paul Jeeves


In the shadow of Drax, not so much a fight as a festival
Martin Wainwright
Friday September 1, 2006
The Guardian,,1862662,00.html

· 38 held as police foil plan to halt 'dirty' power plant
· Protesters outnumbered in siege that wasn't


Hundreds protest over coal station emissions
By Paul Stokes
(Filed: 01/09/2006)


Green goes mainstream
Friday September 1, 2006
The Guardian,,1862626,00.html


Arrests as 600 march on coal power station
By Andrew Norfolk
The Times
September 01, 2006,,2-2337905,00.html


By Rory Smith
ECO activists yesterday failed to shut Britain's biggest power station.


Drax Group Plc (DRX LN): The U.K.'s largest power station, said climate change protesters failed to shut down its power station, where police made 38 arrests, the Financial Times said, citing Chief Executive Officer Dorothy Thompson. Shares were unchanged at 900 pence.


Cameron calls for emissions law


BBC: In pictures: Protest at Drax power station
Thursday, 31 August 2006, 18:05 GMT


Protestor fight to end coal power
Children's bbc Newsround:
Hundreds of protestors are demanding the UK stops getting electricity from coal, by demonstrating at one of Britain's biggest power stations.


Police defend Drax station action
Officers from seven forces were drafted in to help the operation
The head of North Yorkshire Police has defended the decision to draft in hundreds of officers from across the country to police Drax power station.


Protesters arrested at power plant
Thu Aug 31, 2006 4:39 PM BST
By Nigel Roddis


Climate protesters fail to halt Drax
By James Wilson and Fiona Harvey
Published: August 31 2006 20:36


Climate Change Protests At Power Stations
600 protesters have staged a demonstration at the country's biggest coal fired power station, Drax, near Selby in North Yorkshire.


Syndicated to many news websites + newspapers:

38 arrests in power station protest
Press Association
Thursday August 31, 2006 8:23 PM,,-6050606,00.html - all local ic news sites


Association of Energy Producers boss slams Drax protestors


Paul Routledge
ECO-nutters gathered in their hundreds outside Europe's biggest coal-fired power station at Drax in North Yorkshire yesterday.


The Battle of Drax: 38 held as protest fails to close plant
By Jonathan Brown
Published: 01 September 2006


28 held in protest at power station



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