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Climate Camp Thursday

IMC | 31.08.2006 10:56 | Climate Camp 2006 | Climate Chaos

more pictures of Climate Campers this morning heading out of the camp...

including the kids making their banner; clowns & white overall scenes in the camp; a local paper headline(from yesterday); and The Ostrich !




31.08.2006 11:22

reasonable ammount of coverage on the BBC ( didn't hear the mention that Centrica ( formerly british gas before theft ) have bought ( most ) of next years electirc output from Drax, nor the large shareholder payout.nor that they are suing the EU over carbon credits. Just price rise after price rise. Still class war mate.

Anyway coverage on BBC radio 4 news ( one unnamed "euphoric" protestor :) ) and a large portion from You and Yours featuring drax rep and Alice from trapeze - front page radio 4 shows a belching station as it is main feature.

Now let's take some land for a permaculture revolution.

Live Arrest report totalled currently at 28.

John Browne's body

Eco-activists in support from mainstream media shocker :)

31.08.2006 14:02


Been listening to the mainstream news updates and coverage has been mostly positive. Alice did really well on Radio 4 midday news especially seeing as she was put against the electric board blokie and a Drax rep (two against one, hardly fair!).

Wish I was still there. Good luck everyone; you rule!

The Oxford Bee

more jpgs

01.09.2006 10:25




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