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Be a Geisha at the G8!

Geisha of Gaiety | 28.05.2005 10:03 | G8 2005 | Culture | Social Struggles | Sheffield

A gentle gaggle of geisha will mingle in the masses during the G8 summit, 2nd - 8th July in Scotland, when 8 men think to meet undisturbed, unruffled and untroubled to decide upon the worlds future.

Join the geisha of gaiety on a passionate mission of peace and progression.

Come to Nottingham for a 1 day kimono making workshop on any of these dates. Booking essential, material costs 10 pounds.

5th June, 10am
12th June, 10am
19th june, 10am

Phone Elsa on 07960 793 306 or email

Geisha of Gaiety
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