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Medics Appeal from Russia

mp | 16.07.2006 14:29 | G8 Russia 2006

blog report from Russia,

more people are being arrested, the total was 38 people this morning, many internationals included in that
3 from britain
1 - from poland
3 - from germany
1 - netherlands
2 - ukraine
6 - belorussian
1 - moldovan
12 - russian
Again.. this is a situation where their embassies and in partiuclar the russian embassies in the country where you are need to be pressurised to act. The human rights situation here is dire and we already have anecdotal reports that suggest serious violence from the police.
A further 12 people have been arrested on an anti war demo and we have narrowly escaped once today ourselves.
We're off now to cover a large mobilisation, I dont have time to post this on indymedia. please do this somebody?
We will post you from the streets and/or later tonight. Wish us luck cause were needing every ounce of it