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300+ Demonstrate in Berlin Against G8 and Repression

G8 2006 Info and Press Group | 16.07.2006 16:48 | G8 Russia 2006 | Globalisation | Repression | World

Today, around 300 people took part in a demonstration in Berlin against the G8 and the system it represents, and demanded a release of those arrested in St. Petersberg taking part in protests against this year's summit.

A demonstration organised by anti-capitalist and anti-fasicsts groups took place in Berlin today (16/07/06). Around 300 people took part in the demonstration which began at 2pm. The demo ended with a rally outside the Russian Embassy.

Information about the latests actions and the resultant repression was announced and a demand was made that those who took part in the blockades of the hotel where G8 delegates were staying early this morning -- along with all those arrested over the last few days -- be immediately released.

The police consistently harrased demonstrators, claiming that banners being carried were too long(!), that people were not allowed to carry glass bottles from which they were drinking (in the 30 degrees plus heat), and that someone had (shock, horror!) sat on a car bonnet. At least one arrest was made.

The demonstration follows a smaller, spontaneously organised demonstration on Friday demanding an end to repression in Russia.

To see the original call for the demonstration (in German only), see:

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