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Manchester NO2ID December Newsletter

Dave Page | 03.12.2007 22:03 | Social Struggles | Technology

All the latest news and upcoming events from the Manchester NO2ID campaign.

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Manchester NO2ID Logo

Recent News

Manchester NO2ID Distribute "Confidential Database"

Following HMRC's leaking of millions of personal details, including
addresses, national insurance numbers and bank details, Manchester
NO2ID took to the streets to distribute CD-ROMs labelled "Confidential
Data" to the public. The CD wallets contained NO2ID flyers, and
information about the HMRC data leak and the NO2ID campaign. You can
download the informational flyer from

New Manchester Civil Liberties List

Some Manchester NO2ID supporters have set up a mailing list for
general civil liberties discussion. You can find it at

Upcoming Events

Saturday 8th December, 1pm-3pm: Street Stall

We'll be running a Saturday afternoon stall in St. Anne's Square. The
main objectives of the afternoon will be to raise awareness among the
public, engage people in discussion about the NIR, and collect
signatures for the NO2ID petition to keep people in touch with the

We'll meet in the square itself at 1pm to set up shop; feel free to
join us to lend a hand or just chat. You don't need any experience or
equipment, just a bit of time to spare and a friendly smile!

Tuesday 11th December: Surveillance Society: Turning Debate into Action

On 11 December 2007 the Information Commissioner's Office will be
hosting a conference entitled "Surveillance Society: Turning Debate
into Action" [1] at the Bridgewater Hall in central Manchester.

The conference aims to build on their previous report, "A Surveillance
Society" [2], and will be looking forward to actions that can be taken
to deal with the consequences of a surveillance society. The
Information Commissioner also intends to launch a handbook on Privacy
Impact Assessments at the conference.

If anybody is free to flyer for NO2ID outside the venue at the start
or end of the day, please contact us on


Wednesday 12th December, 7pm-9pm: Monthly Meeting

Manchester NO2ID will be holding our monthly meeting in the upstairs
function room of the Town Hall Tavern, Tib Lane, Manchester. Sadly,
this venue is not wheelchair-accessible; please contact us on if you have accessibility needs.

At our monthly meetings we discuss the state of the NO2ID campaign,
what we've been up to recently and where we're going in future.
Everyone is welcome, newcomer or not, curious or committed.

The Town Hall Tavern serves reasonably-priced, good quality food until
8pm so you don't need to pop home for tea - you can even order your
meal brought up to the function room.

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