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Vote Nobody at the Welsh Assembly elections

Nobody | 04.04.2007 18:21 | Culture | Other Press | Social Struggles

Voting is not an expression of power, but an admission of powerlessness.

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whoever you vote for the government always wins
whoever you vote for the government always wins

VOTE NOBODY, because Nobody cares...

. . . about the Health Service
502 acute hospital beds - an entire Welsh hospital’s worth - are clogged up by bed-blocking. Ambulances are queuing outside hospitals unable to offload patients.

. . . about Our Children
The UK is the 4th-largest economy in the world but has one of the highest levels of child poverty of all industrialised countries. Recent figures show that 27% of children in Wales live in poverty!

. . . about Human Life
Welsh troops continue to fight and die in wars in the Middle East to protect US oil interests. Does Rhodri Morgan support these wars which have resulted in the deaths of over 600,000 Iraqis? He’s not saying! Nobody seriously opposed the war!

. . . about the Environment
Global warming is a proven fact. We need to reduce our consumption of oil and gas, not increase it! The development of a liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal in Milford Haven is absurd, and the building of a massive and very dangerous pipeline to ship the pressurised gas across Wales is madness! Locals fearing for their safety have had their questions ignored.

. . . about Our Jobs
Unemployment across Wales has been increasing for 10 consecutive months, in some places by up to 35%. Over 600 manufacturing jobs have been lost in mid-Wales since 2001. 300 jobs have gone at Burberry in the Rhondda, and more will go at the Corus Steelworks after the takeover by yet another multinational company.

. . . about Transport
The Roads are clogged with cars and lorries, and our privatised train and bus services are among the worst in Europe.

. . . about the Housing Crisis
According to Shelter Cymru, 53,000 people are trying to find decent accommodation from their local authorities. So what is the Assembly government doing about it? Encouraging councils to sell off and privatise council housing. The result? Less rights for tenants and fat salaries for housing association bosses.

VOTE NOBODY in the welsh assembly elections on 3rd May!

Politicians go on and on about apathy, but they’re missing the point.

We DO care about the NHS, education, and the other issues that affect our lives. The fact is we know that there is no real choice to be had.

Whoever we vote for, politicians and big business win!

History shows us that those in power of whatever party do nothing for the majority of people and everything for the rich. So why give the assembly yet another opportunity to treat us like fools?

This isn’t apathy it’s antipathy! Let the politicians know how unpopular they really are!

Never Mind the Ballots!

Instead of the current system of representative democracy we believe in Direct democracy which is based on equal participation. In order to be free & happy, we need to run our communities, our workplaces & our own lives. Anarchism is a way of organising society in which everyone has an equal say on how things are run.

Anarchism is about standing up for ourselves and resisting unfairness; it is about sharing resources so everyone has what they need and it’s about creating a more peaceful world where we are free from poverty, violence and war.

Anarchists believe there are alternatives to the current political system where a minority force their decisions on a majority and where a few people hold all the power and wealth.

We want accountable delegates rather than careerist politicians, shared ownership rather than private profit, human need rather than economic growth, & mutual aid rather than free trade.

Politicians say “vote for me!” We say VOTE NOBODY! and start organising for ourselves!

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