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Actions against the WTO in Frankfurt am main

comitte for the distruction of oppressive str | 08.11.2001 09:41

Actions in Frankfurt am main Germany have begun and contunie from nov 8th to the 10th

8th November 2001
Global Action Days in Frankfurt am main ,Germany
Against the WTO meeting in Qatar

In the early minutes of the 8th of November ,actions against Capitalist Globalisation began parallel to the WTO meeting in Qatar.At 4 "autobahn" crossover bridges banners against capitalism and the WTO where hung and as this is posted remain hanging from the bridges.
The WTO meets untill Tuesday the 14th, We call on you to make subsuquint actions against the WTO ,just cuz they are meeting in Qatar (a very oppressive state where protest is allmost impossible and many of the worlds richist have there vactions ect...) so they dont have to deal with unrest, and oppositition to there opressive polices in the rest of the world, most notably in Latin America and Europe, and even the USA ,doesnt mean that can just quietly meet without any protest.This is why it is important to make decentral actions world wide against the WTO and to discuss how we can continue the struggle against Capitalism and the polices of the WTO and other opressive structures. So get out on the Street!
Against Capitalism and all opressive structures
For freedom and self-deturmination

8th November -Decentral actions,soli-concert
9th November- Discussions and films
10th November-DEMO ,soli-concert

come chek us out

comitte for the distruction of oppressive str


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