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QUEERD.i.y weekend.

Leeds Queer | 22.02.2005 15:22 | Culture | Free Spaces | Gender

'Queerd' starts on the 1st of april (31st march 4 setting up) and will finish on the 3rd. It will be the first queer all-weekend Do-it-yourself festival to happen in Leeds.

Queer is indefinable and used precicely for that reason. It rejects restricting gender and sexuality bineries.

D.I.Y, or Do-it-yourself, means literally that, create it don't just consume it!
Get involved! come along, have fun, perform, cook, make decorations, art work, dress up, whatever you want!

if you want to know when our next meeting is go to:

Also we are looking for performers/bands/artists etc to participate from all over. We can't pay you but if you come from afar we can help with travel costs. Food and accomodation will be availiable.

My e-mail is

Thank you x

Leeds Queer
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