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Video Footage - possible use to anybody who was arrested

Nikhedonia | 13.09.2003 13:30 | DSEi 2003

Video footage - which may be useful as evidence to anybody who was arrested.

I have about 3 hours of footage from Tuesday and Wednesday which includes 2 fairly aggressive arrests, 1 snatch and a great deal of other suspect police activity such as identity concealment and unnecessary baton drawing. It may be useful in evidence or to any parties interested in illustrating the behaviour of the police in their own projects.

Naturally, if you need video evidence I will gladly forward a VHS copy to you - no questions. If you want to use any stuff in your own project and you can cover the cost I will send it to you in any format you require.

I can only identify those arrested/snatched as follows:

1. Bloke with long blonde hair in ponytail who did a lot of ducking and diving in front of the orange tank and complaining at the police's idea of dispersal before being dragged away.

2. Bloke whose name I have on tape but may prefer not to have it published - was wearing black leather jacket and sunglasses, navy blue shirt with two horizontal stripes and dark hair. Was arrested after breaking through two feeble police lines somewhere to the east in a park like area (sorry, not a local). Had police kneel on his head.

3. Young bloke with red gogglesand knee/elbow pads, long dark hair, ponytail and beard. Was cut on arm and treated by my friend.

If you need anything - please ring mobile number. Your call should be forwarded to me but you might get a message. Please be patient.




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