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IMC UK list of links to postings about Martin

allsorts | 16.06.2003 17:31

Links to all indymedia newswire postings over the last two weeks about Martin:
Dated: Monday 16th June
2 climbers are still hanging from the 40 meter building in Barcelona
Dated: June 15th
Swiss Embassy to Catalunya still occupied
Dated: 15th June
Good to be back [in UK] - by Guy Smallman
Dated: 14th June
Update on medical, legal and financial situation
More on occupation in Barcelona as well as Spanish translation
Dated: 14th June
Update on Swiss Embassy Occupation in Barcelona including links to photos
Dated: June 13th
Press release from Barcelona occupation of Swiss Embassy
Dated: 13th June
From Anti-repression group – people are still imprisoned in Switzerland from G8
Dated: 13th June
Embassy Occupied and call for solidarity
Dated: 11th June
Detailed update on Martin’s legal, medical, support and contact situation
Dated: 10th June 03 Guardian Article G8 Protester to prosecute Swiss police w
Plus info from barcelona about bank account there
Dated: 9th June
Solidarity action for Martin and Guy in Norway
Dated: 8th June
G8 Protests – support the guy who fell off the bridge
[includes lots of links to photos and other articles around europe]
Dated:6th June
Statement from injured activist about the action and his views on what happened
Dated: 6th June
Upsailing action in Berlin to highlight police repression during G8
Dated: 6th June 03 Swiss Consulate occupied in Manchester
Dated #: 6th June
Swiss Embassy: responses to Martin Shaw
Dated: 6th June
Update on Martin
Dated: 6th June
Solidarity action in Barcelona
Dated: 4th June
G8- rubber bullets and other Swiss police weapons
Dated: 4th June
Link to photos of bridge action
Dated: 3rd June
UK activist seriously hurt by police in G8 protest
[call to write to Swiss Embassies]
Dated: 3rd June
Eyewitness report of bridge action over the Aubonne
Dated: 3rd June
French consulate in Barcelona occuipied
Dated: 3rd June
Evening Standard runs then drops report on Evian protest and biography of Martin
Dated: 3rd June
Fax protest for injured climber
Dated: 1st June
Info on injured english activist cut down from bridge by police
Dated: 1st June
Details about injured activist
Dated: 1st June
One activist in hospital
Dated: 1st June
The activist is apprently English
Dated: 1st June
Activists in life threatening condition at bridge between Geneva and Lausanne