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Benefit for Peoples' Global Action at DSEi convergence, 11.9.05

globo | 07.09.2005 17:07 | DSEi 2005 | Culture | Social Struggles | London

7pm, Sunday September 11th
at the 'convergence space' for protests against the DSEi east London arms fair - venue to be announced on Friday at or ring 07817 652029.

* music from the incomparable Society of Imaginary Friends ( & the 2012 Roadshow sound system

* plus food, films and wicked cocktails...

Peoples' Global Action (PGA) is a way for anti-capitalist direct action groups and movements to communicate better, to share stories of their struggles, and, with any luck, to inspire eachother and others. In the past it has helped to network global mobilisations like J18 1999 and that against the World Bank and IMF in 2000, as well as supporting action caravans heading towards summit mobilisations.

More recently it has had a more local focus, as many groups particularly in Europe have been setting up permanent or temporary centres, some of which act as PGA 'infopoints'. The London infopoint is the London Action Resource Centre (or LARC -, which is used and supported by groups like London Indymedia, Destroy DSEi, Rhythms of Resistance and London Rising Tide.

This benefit is to help towards the travel costs of delegates from the global south to the next PGA meeting. For more info, email, phone (020) 7377 9088, or have a look at the main PGA site at

Thanks and hope to see you there...



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