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Parliament of Puppets Narrowly Backs Tuition Fees.

lenin | 27.01.2004 20:12 | Analysis

Don't vote Labour again.

If you ever had any faith left in Labour's capacity to dissent, to overcome its appalling leadership, think on this: it's over.
The Labour Party is over.

Time to launch a new political movement that will represent what people actually want.

I don't care what you think about voting for small parties, I don't care what you think about sectarianism, I don't care if you hate Galloway or the SWP or electoral coalitions based on song titles.

All I know is, I'm sick, sick, sick to death of this band of opportunists, careerists, pole-climbers and pole-dancers selling our future down the toilet. And I'm sick, sick, sick of losing.

Let's plant several sharp, hammering thuds into Labour's tumescent nose.

Vote Respect, June 10th.

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